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Astral Cards

Astral Cards release

The Astral Cards is launched in Google Play Store! Epic idle RPG card battles set in a fantasy realm where astral magic and fantasy realms collide.


Idle Raids release

We are pleased to announce that DreamGate is entering into a strategic partnership with the Metaforra project. For collaborative development of blockchain games.

Idle Raids

Idle Raids release

The Idle Raids of the Dice Heroes is on the Apple Store!

New Game

Idle Raids release

The Idle Raids of the Dice Heroes is launched in Google Play Store! This meditative idle RPG clicker game is our first Idle experience! Dice game turns into Idle RPG!

ST2 on App Store

iOS release

Finally, STEAMPUNK TOWER 2 is on the Apple Store! The game was upgraded, rebalanced, fully tested - the perfect version of mobile Steampunk Tower!

ST2 on Android

Android release

The STEAMPUNK TOWER 2 is launched in Google Play Store World Release! Adaptation to mobiles took a time, but now all Android owners can play the game. (iOS version will be a little bit later)

Hyper casual


The Hypernova Ball is out on Android! Small but addictive game is made by one person and launched by DreamGate! Run from the sun and think ahead!

Hypernova Ball on Android



The STEAMPUNK TOWER 2 is finally OUT NOW! Check out what you will see in late game)!

Steampunk Tower 2 - Steam page!

Release Date


We are excited to announce that the STEAMPUNK TOWER 2 will be released on Steam on Thursday, April 19, 2018!!

Steampunk Tower 2 - Steam page

Home straight

Closed Beta Tests

It’s incredible but the game development is heading into the homestretch! We’ve started closed beta-testing. Main purposes of this testing are to evaluate the complexity of the game and the stage of involvement, check the economic system and also locate critical errors. If you want to participate in beta-testing write an email to
(you’ve got to have a Steam account)

As usual we’re trying our best to create a good game at the price of deadline but it won't be long now. The main gameplay, economics, almost all the enemies and bosses are ready. We’re working on the storyline, unique turrets, final boss, fixing mistakes etc.

Steampunk Tower 2 is an action strategy and the strategic component is very important to us. The game players will have the opportunity to build their own steampunk city, choose technological development path, build a railway network and send trains with resources or agents. Can’t Steampunk be without trains?

By and by the promotional campaign is starting. Follow our groups, we’ll tell not only about the game and steampunk but also about people who helped us. Main groups of the game: